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WorldSharp W-2 Preparation System

The 2023 WorldSharpTM W-2 Preparation System currently supports the tax forms W-2, W-2c, W-3 and W3c. It has a robust data import capability. It prints data on preprinted forms or prints data and forms on blank paper. It can print regular size forms, 4 horizontal forms or 4 forms one on each corner. It allows you to file both forms and corrections electronically to the Social Security Administration. --> Order 2023 Version Now

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Unlimited Employers and Employees

With the WorldSharp™ W-2 Preparation System, you can process as many employers and employees as you need without any additional cost for volume processing. You add employer in the 'Employer Information' tab and you can assign a friendly Employer Id so that you can locate the employer record if you have a lot of employers.


Rapid Data Entry

Our W-2 software program makes it easy to enter data. The entry program allows for input of all fields required for printing and electronic reporting of each W-2 form. The data entry screens have the fields in the approximate location as they are on the official forms.


Extensive Printing Capabilities and Options

For the printing of the Forms W-2, W-3, W-2c, W-3c, there are many sizes and options. There are instructions for each size. Forms may be printed to a PDF file. Forms may be printed on plain paper savings forms costs.

Regular IRS size forms, special 4 horizontal forms per page, special 4 forms on each quarter of a page.


Electronic Reporting to Social Adminstration

A file can be created for submitting to the Social Security Administration.




Import W-2 Information

W-2 information can be imported from a spreadsheet (csv). A template is provided, but user constructed file can also be imported.